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Weapons and sports equipment at the airplane

Prepared by: Glory Cycles
Most of passengers that are travelling by plane, are having normal items with them, depend on destination place. Bunch of board games, favorite alcohol, warm sweaters, swimsuit and many different. But some men and women wish to take a special kind of baggage on plane with them. Sports equipment like bicykle or snowboard, is permitted in plenty of airline companies. Similar is with weapons. But if you need to take any of it to the plane, you must to know couple policies about it.

Posted by Administrator on 2016-06-06 14:06:33
Tags: airplane, travelers, on board

Passengers with special needs - what you need to know?

Prepared by: ζ™Ίε‚‘ ι›·
All of us have to collected plenty of different information before we go on board. All papers needed, dimension of each baggage, hazardous objects, traveling with animals, and few more. But there are a special kind of tourists that has different needs. Women with a child, disabled passengers, overweight person. What you need to now about your status during the flight? Do you have any different rights because of your condition? Let's find out.

Posted by Administrator on 2016-04-25 09:17:05
Tags: flight, tourist, airplane, on board