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Elegant holidays at the Santorini for a penny

Prepared by: Gabriele Barni
When spring is coming, a lot of us start to wondering of future holidays. It is normal, cause with couple hotter days, we're dreaming about far away, tropical lands. When you want to have a vacations of your lifetime, you'he to select Santorini, amazing Greek isle.

Posted by Administrator on 2018-02-05 16:07:41
Tags: Deal, price, flights, tour

Holidays in Kashgar for everybody

Prepared by: J. Triepke
Right now, after Poland is part of EU, most of it inhabitants has plenty various holidays destinations to try. All thanks to cheap airline companies, which created a lot of new connections during past 10 years.

Posted by Administrator on 2016-12-19 14:06:50
Tags: reason, price, companies, flights, tourists

Visit Netherlands or Brussels without wasting a lot of cash

Prepared by: Pawel Pacholec
Europe is really great spot, filled with interesting tourist destinations. During the winter we could go to Alps in Italy and appreciate skiing. Summertime is finest in Spain and Greece, where we may swim in the sea, and explore finest monuments.

Posted by Administrator on 2016-11-15 09:23:12
Tags: price, flights, eat

Holidays of your lifetime - Old Continent or USA?

sea resort
Prepared by: Ruth Hartnup
Nowadays, since Poland became part of EU, we've many of options for vacations. We can travel all around the Europe, visit amazing, ancient places. Beside, if we like to visit some distant land, we could travel to USA, even in reasonable price.

Posted by Administrator on 2016-11-10 10:07:21
Tags: money, flights, holiday, tourists, attractions

Nicest directions for week

Prepared by: J. Triepke
Nowadays, we've many of possible towns to reach out from Poland. Thanks to not expensive airline connections, we are able to go to the really far away areas. You want to visit your relatives in United States? It is far less costly then you could think. Or maybe you prefer to spend your holidays in some nice, western capital? No problem with that also. But what when we're looking for any great, not ordinary place to go to? Here are couple alternatives to think about.

Posted by Administrator on 2016-07-25 11:00:24
Tags: flights, cuisine, journey

If you like food, you would love those countries

Prepared by: jon jordan
People travel for totally different reasons. Some tourists look for beautiful landscapes, some of them look for interesting museums and historical buildings. However, there is also another category of holiday which becomes more and more attractive – it is known as food trips. The idea is very simple – instead of discovering museums or history of particular country, visitors discover new meals and its culinary traditions. If you like that idea, there are 2 countries you really have to visit.

Posted by Administrator on 2016-07-15 12:30:12
Tags: culture, flights, world

Suggestions for perfect weekend trips

Prepared by: nie
Many individuals, when having a free weekend, normally spend it doing nothing special. In practice it means that they are at home and waste great opportunity to try as well as discover something completely new. If it is a case also with you, that short article will provide you with two ideas for destinations that are perfect for short weekend trips.

Posted by Administrator on 2016-07-15 12:23:14
Tags: country, flights, tourist destination

Searching for tourist inspiration? Choose Easter Europe!

Prepared by: Martin Alvarez Espinar
Nowadays, like during any periods of time from the past, there is a vogue in Poland for favorite tourist destination. When someone want to see any big capital, he is driving to Paris or Madrid. For laying on the sand whole day and do nothing - the nicest would be Greece, one of the prettiest country in entire Europe. Beside, few citizens have far more money, and they are selecting some far away places, such as Thailand for example. But what about different nice districts, not so popular at the moment but also lovely? Do you ever consider to flight to Moldavia or Estonia?

Posted by Administrator on 2016-06-29 10:10:23
Tags: country, flights, town

You are dreaming about holidays? Check out nearest flights!

The spring has finally came, and the summer is getting closer every day. This is the greatest term to arrange your break, cause if you want to localize the best deal, you need to be hurry. You have many of different alternatives affordable, you can fly to distance land, such as Africa for example. You may also choose anything far closer, and spend a nice week at the Polish seashore. But there are a lot of interesting options for airplanes to Bulgaria or different sea resort in Europe. Or maybe you prefer to tour any metropolis for instead?

Posted by Administrator on 2016-06-27 11:10:25
Tags: country, flights, beaches

Looking for hot places for vacations? Here are couple inspirations for you

Most of us during spring times are organizing holidays. Some of us are choosing far away continents, such as South America or Australia, families with children still are planning to go to the Baltic resort. But if you wish to have nice time at the sand, with amazing temperature guaranteed, you need to go to any country situated on Mediterranean seashore. It is warm, it is classy, and you could travel there for a song, just you have to find great deal on flights to Italy or France, and you could be pleased. Here are few concepts how to get there quick and comfortable - and in a reasonable prize.

Posted by Administrator on 2016-06-06 12:08:06
Tags: flights, ticket, tourists

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