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Insulate Your home before November

In actual architecture buildings are really modern, economic and environment friendly. Constructors are using the best fabrics to make sure, that future building will be warm and cheap.

Prepared by: Jérémi Roy

But unluckily this trend is common just since one decade.

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Most of the houses build a lot years ago have plenty of holes within their walls and because of that costs of heating could be very high for inhabitants. But there is a way to make entire building insulated again.

Individuals who are living in vintage buildings have to spend some cash to proceed a thermal insulation, and after couple of years this cash will come back to them in gas bills. At start every, wooden window in whole building have to be replaced with air proof ones. This is not really costly option right now, You could choose from various brands. Next step would be to support the roof from loosing the heat, You don't have to modify it much, just simple insulation material from the interior will be fine. But the most important are walls, that perhaps are very porous, that is normal in old buildings created from bricks. You could try a dedicated thermal insulation outward and inside, there're many fascinating materials to use here. Particular structure keep the warm air in but still every wall will have a chance to breath underneath. So You don't have to be afraid of any fungus. Exterior insulation will be also a great way to refresh the look of entire house with modern panels.

Thermal insulation could be costly, especially if You want to warm up entire house. But within several years You'll realize that costs for Your heating are far lower and You do not have to wear a sweater within the house no more.

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