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How to create an aesthetic and durable building facade?

Refit of the outside walls is often a real task. Not only weather circumstances ought to be taken into account, but also the look is meaningful. How to bring together these pair of factors and which way to use to achieve it?

Firstly, the substance used should be impervious to the UV radiation, since it is revealed to the sunlight.

Next, it has to be water-repellent so there will be no necessity to wash it of dirt. All these aspects are fulfilled while using silicone render. Because of its wonderful resistance to another climate conditions (temperature, humidity) it is usually used as an outermost, finishing coat on the external walls. Its layer has often just a few millimetres. The big benefit of this material is its breathability, which prevents the water condensation inside. Furthermore, the coat will not fracture so it is long-lasting. Apart from all technical aspects, silicone render has also good appearance as a coating layer. It is accessible in various tints, so everyone can choose appropriate one. Another desirable trait is the fact that it does not have to be painted after drying, for the reason that it has a pigment included. Ultraviolet resistance guarantees the long longevity of the tint – it will not fade.

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silicone render
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Using this sort of coat is not difficult and guarantees that the effect will be satisfying. It can play a decorative function as well as serve a protecting purpose.

Of course, it is important to prepare the wall prior to covering it with the use of this kind of render.

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This will provide the proper bond and the durability of the outer plaster.

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