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Serialization and aggregation – how do they work and what is their employment in drug packaging?

The packaging and labels of pharmaceutical products and medical instruments have several significant purposes - from publicizing and information to conservation.

Prepared by: Xella

Prepared by: Bill Abbott

The procedures of serialization and aggregation of drug packaging are as well very significant, they must be executed in conformity with rigid internal standards and strict specifications of the medical industry.

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Prepared by: Rachel Chapdelaine

A pArticularly important concept in the manufacturing and branding of a medical product is its serialization. This approach classifies the product with original, non-punctuation serial numbers on every packaging. After placing singular codes on individual products, manufacturers have to know where these objects are located. Aggregation can be obtained by applying vision technics in automatic wrappers or carton packing machines or thanks to aggregation methods, for instance by way of dosage conveyors. Packets are one of the most frequently used drug device for pharmaceutical and medical products. Labeling of these packaging with good quality codes legible for people and machines is a crucial element of the pharmaceutical manufacturer's traceability plan. Bottles, which are an exceptionally often employed medical packaging, can be systematized in various places. Common and noticeable in ultraviolet or infrared radiation markings on the side of the bottle, on the label or cap - these are solely some of the probable solutions. Marking vials is a difficult task as to the small dimension of the packaging.

The most efficient labeling outcome can be obtained if the printer is integrated with packaging devices designed just to carry items of this exact form.

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