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“I want to have a real tattoo, but my mother will not let me!” - is there any substitute for genuine tattoos?

Young people look for various means by which they would be able to express themselves. Hair dyeing, wearing fashionable clothes or an earring are popular examples. Unlike tattoos, all these changes are temporary and might be changed relatively easy.

Prepared by: Richard Cabrera

Teenagers sometimes crave for having a genuine, huge tattoo. Nevertheless, the reality is that their parents usually do not allow them for that.

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In fact, quite rightfully. Why? This picture on the body is impossible to be easily erased. It is practically always something that is going be visible on one’s skin for the entire life. What if after a few years it turns out it was not at all a good idea and the picture is dull, stupid and even unsightly? People in their teens should not make the decisions that could have so long-lasting consequences. However, in chosen shops they can find an alternative called fake tattoos. In order to imprint them on the skin, only a small piece of moist material is required. All what has to be done is to remove the foil, put the tattoo smooth on the body and soak it with a damp material. After several seconds, the paper can be removed and the picture is ready. It should last a few days. Afterwards it may be washed off with the use of baby oil or water with soap (the latter way might need some rubbing). Many pictures for boys and girls are available: only in black, rich-coloured or glitter.

Temporary tattoos are a fit alternative for teenagers.

Everyone will find a great example here and if the preferences change, there is no worry – a different tattoo might be picked. It is not unhealthy, easily removable and the guardians do not have to worry.

Posted by Administrator on 2018-01-17 08:55:45
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