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Living in new cities? Sometime it is not easy

For many years I lived in just 1 city. In fact, it was the same city where I was born, in which I made first colleagues, went to first school, in which I met my first boyfriend et cetera. This small city in which I grew up seemed to me to be the whole universe. Back then I probably wasn’t even able to imagine any other place. To be honest, I didn’t even think that they exist. Apparently, I was seeing them in television and so forth. Unfortunately, they were so unrealistic that they were quite abstract, therefore didn’t even seem to me like to be actual places.

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Prepared by: David J
I hadn’t been on for holiday thus hadn’t been to any place different than my small town.

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I am aware that it can sound a bit crazy but It was almost 20 years ago, so I am positive that it was quite standard situation these days in our country. Particularly for kids like me – children born not in a big city, and in rather poor family. After many years of living in the same town, I finally got my first chance to travel.

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And you might not believe me, but once I started, I just couldn’t stop. I have been travelling for last eleven years. I have visited each the continents and almost forty seven countries overall. Some of these places I visited only as a standard backpacker, but in some of them I was actually living for a moment. Definitely, this way of life has a lot of advantages. I could meet many new individuals, know various cultures, become familiar with lots of different cities and their history et cetera. Most of my colleagues keep on repeating how jealous they are about this. But frequently I have this thought that very often they don’t remember that moving to new cities has also tons of disadvantages.

Presently, it is not so bad. If you move to new town, you might easily find really detailed information about almost everything you like, e.g., where to hire a motorbike in padova or where to print in nyc. But only imagine to find this category of info few years ago, when internet was not that fashionable yet. I can recall that sometime this was even hard for me to find out where I can get cheap but decent dinner. I do think, that the most tiring part of living in new places is to get familiar with new place, space et cetera. However, I do like it the most too.

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