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The best travel destinations in Europe

Holiday is really important term in year of any person. When we are in school, we have many of additional time during the summer. Later, when we are adults, July and September are months in which we are choosing our days off for holidays. But relevant is not only to have a week off, but also, we have to have a clue, where to go. Nowadays in our country we have a lot of chances, because of cheap airline corporations. We may tour to far away continent, or stay in Europe. Last alternative is far less expensive, and should pleased plenty of people.
When you want to visit different countries, to see the monuments and admire astonishing buildings, you probably better like to go to any huge, European metropolis, instead of sea resort. You have many of various towns to explore, mostly when flights to Copenhagen or Oslo are in very attractive prices. Beside, if you prefer warm, but not torrid areas, Scandinavia could be the finest place for you (read a little bit more). During the July or August it is very fantastic land, entire nature is rising, there are only few rains and a lot of sun. It is similar to Polish May. And what fascinating you may notice in there? At the beginning, the greatest nature - fiords and forest. So when you wish to observe any wild creatures or atmosphere, this is the greatest area for you. Also, if you choose flights to Copenhagen, you will be able to have a tour trough one of the most magnificent cities in the Scandinavia. Hans Christian Andersen was born in here after all.
Prepared by: PeCeT_full

But maybe the perfect holidays for you is spending on the beach all day long with cold drink in your hand? No issue at all, visit Georgia. You could buy flights from Warsaw to Tbilisi for a couple dozens of zlotych! Georgia is getting more and more fashionable among the Polish travelers. It is still cheaper then Croatia and had a lot to offer. It cuisine is famous all around the earth, it is perfect for meat eaters but also for vegans, because of a lot of various types of plants affordable in there.
Prepared by: Gregorio Puga Bailón
And if you like to spend the week in any fantastic city, select Batumi. It looks astonishing with many of tropical plants, beaches and elegant hotels. And it isn't costly at all. But if you like to go to this resort, better buy flights from Warsaw to Tbilisi, not directly to Batumi, because it is very expensive. And bus from one town to another is taking like one hour and it is really cheap. And when you go there, you need to spend at least one day in Tbilisi, it is really phenomenal town, stuffed with monuments.

There are many of interesting tourist spots, whole around the continent, so everyone will find something for herself. You are an explorer and you just admire to visit another city for monuments? Select some big capital, such as Copenhagen for instance . But if you prefer to chill out and just recharge your batteries for future year, you have to travel to some sea resort, like Batumi. You can go there by train from Tbilisi, also great town, with many of interesting heritages.

Posted by Administrator on 2016-06-30 10:20:23
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